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About Heating Oil

Every oil heating system is based on one simple principle; The heat from the burner flame produces hot water, hot air, or steam, which is then circulated throughout the house for heating. If you are looking to learn more about heating oil, read some of the questions we commonly get below!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Oil Heating Systems Work?

An electric motor spins a fan and oil pump simultaneously. Air from the fan is directed into a blast tube. At the end of the tube is a nozzle spraying the oil that the pump has put under high pressure.

Released from the pressure at the nozzle, the oil atomizes into a fog and is ignited with an electric spark. The spark is generated by a transformer that boosts the voltage upwards of 10,000 volts or more. Watching the ignition is an electric eye known as a cad cell.

Current generated by the fire on the window of the cell is conducted to a burner-relay and keeps the relay engaged and the burner motor running. If the fire goes out, the burner will shut down to prevent a build-up of unburned fuel and an explosive condition.

What kind of oil does heating oil use?

There are three grades of heating oil, #2, #4 and #6. Homeowners burn #2 heating oil, the cleanest and most refined of these three grades.

Why Should You Choose Oil Heat?

Oil Heat is Clean & Environmentally Friendly

Heating oil is non-toxic, contains no carcinogens, and is biodegradable.

Modern oil heat systems are among the cleanest of combustion devices, and considering that a properly maintained oil tank can last for decades, this option is not only beneficial for your wallet but the environment as well.

Oil Heat is Efficient

One of the most important factors to consider in your decision about home heating is the efficiency of your equipment.

Using the U.S. Department of Energy’s Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) measure, oil heat leads the pack of heating options, with new oil equipment ranging from 83% to 94%.

Oil heats combination of high efficiency and minimal exhaust emissions lead to it being a favorable option amongst homeowners.

Oil Heat is Safe

Oil heat is one of the safest fuels ever developed.

While oil, gas, and electric heat all have respectable safety records when the equipment is installed and maintained properly, oil heat provides an extra level of safety due to its non-toxic and non-explosive properties.

Oil Heat Costs Less

It is far less expensive to heat your home with oil than with electricity. While the price of many commodities has increased over the past decade, the price of oil has decreased!

Oil Heat is Comfortable

Oil heat delivers a level of comfort that is unmatched by most other heating methods.

An oil heating system will fill your home with the warm, cozy feeling you are looking for in less time than other fuels. This means you will spend less money, and less time being chilly.

Oil Heat is Versatile

Oil heat can do more than just provide efficient heating. With a new complete oil home comfort system, it can also supply cooling and hot water all day long!

State-of-the-art oil systems provide heating and hot water for similar annual costs while other energy sources provide only heating.

Considering the money-saving opportunity and the fact that your home will never run out of hot water, oil heat can prove to be an amazing option for your home.

Oil is Always Available

Heating oil is always produced along with gasoline when crude oil is refined. Domestic and friendly petroleum reserves are available well into the next century due to improved exploration and extraction technologies.

Oil Heat Allows Choice of Quality Service

Because you can choose who delivers your fuel, companies offer competitive prices, exceptional services, and top-notch products. Businesses must compete to earn your business—the American Spirit.

Why is oil such an efficient heat source?

Oil burns 400º hotter than natural gas or propane. Because it’s so hot, your home will naturally heat up faster, need less fuel, maintain your desired temperature more efficiently, and provide an atmosphere where you’ll feel more comfortable.

What are the basic components of a heating system?

In principle, all central heating systems work the same, whether they are fueled by oil, gas, propane, or electricity. They have three basic components that work together to keep your home warm:

  1. The furnace or boiler which serves as a heat source.
    The ductwork or radiator which circulates the heat around the house.
  2. A thermostat that turns the system on/off and controls the temperature.
  3. An oil heat system includes a tank (your oil supply is stored locally in a tank) and sometimes a separate water heater.

Is oil a safe heating method?

Yes! Fuel oil in its liquid state will not burn. Oil heat is non-toxic and non-explosive.

What are my options?

  1. Make sure your system is operating at peak efficiency by having our skilled, professional technicians perform a comprehensive tune-up. As part of our tune-up, we will change your filter so that the boiler will work less hard, use less energy, and last longer.
  2. Consider upgrading your burner, furnace, or boiler to a new high-efficiency model. Modern furnaces are far more efficient than ever before, which means that more of the fuel used by the furnace moves upstairs as heat. You’ll save money immediately and for years to come.
  3. Ask us to install a programmable thermostat to reduce your fuel consumption.
  4. Check your home for drafts that rob it of heat.
  5. Most importantly, remember the value of quality service. When temperatures are frigid, response and quality of service are of utmost importance. At Rockingham Oil LLC, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality service possible when you need it most.

Our Services

As a full-service company, you can rely on Rockingham Oil LLC to perform simple maintenance or a complete heating system replacement. Working with a variety of industry-leading suppliers, we offer a plethora of products to satisfy any heating needs you may have.

Rest easy knowing our service department is available all day and night should an emergency arise. We carry and install all components for home heating systems, including:

  • Burners
  • Furnaces
  • Oil tanks
  • Hot water storage tanks
  • #2 Home heating oil

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rockingham oil llc, derry, nh

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